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Living proof and a Living Hair Legend

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Living proof and a Living Hair Legend
Posted on October 27, 2015

A few you weeks ago I was able to go on a really awesome trip to visit the lab for a hair care company called Living proof. I was invited to come with a few other bloggers to check out their lab, find out how their products work and meet their top stylist. I’m always interested in how things are made and the story behind successful brands so I was all about it!


When we arrived we realized that their stylist was none other than Chris McMillan!


AKA the guy who cut “The Rachel” (and has been Jen Aniston’s stylist ever since). He’s also the man responsible for Miley’s iconic haircut!He’s basically taken his scissors to pretty much every huge celebrity’s locks in the last 20 years. We hung out with him most of the day AND he even cut and styled my hair!!

He was just a joy to be around and knows his stuff!

Here are a few of his best pieces of hair advice:

“Organic inside, science outside”

His thinking here is that eating healthy organic food is great for your body, hair and skin but in his findings with organic hair products…not so much. He thinks with companies like Living Proof showing the scientific proof of results in haircare, then why not use it?”


“Your hair starts growing as soon as you leave the salon.”

The guy is a master with short cuts so it’s not a shock that he’s all about taking risks! (I had to argue with him a little because yeah it does START growing but for some of us that could be a decade long event.) I see what he’s saying though, its just hair, it will eventually grow back and you might as well have fun with it!

“The KEY to perfect air dried hair is DO NOT TOUCH IT!”

Well aren’t we on the same page on this one Chris!! I too am a firm believer. He said the new trend is all about air drying and natural texture but you gotta use the right products (he recommended Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner because it cuts the frizz and lets the softest side of your hair texture shine) and no touching. Just leave it alone!

They also introduced us to the team at Living Proof and told us what the brand is all about.
It’s really a cool story about how they basically noticed that all of the hair products out there were using the same ingredients in their products and no one seemed to be making any real scientific advances so a couple of scientists got together and started trying to fix hair problems from a scientific approach. It was really interesting to see some of the tests they put the products through to find out if they were actually working.

Like with their Dry Shampoo, they took microscopic photos of dirty hair and then compared that to the post dry shampooed hair until they got it to come out almost completely clean! I was pretty amazed by that. It was really fun to see. Here’s a little recap video of the trip:)

I’ve been using their products since and so far so good (especially loving the Dry Shampoo) but as always I’ll let you know after a thorough vetting what my final word is:)


*This post was in collaboration with Living Proof:)

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