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Inspire me: never without a mini skirt!

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In every women’s closet, there’s a fashion piece that can’t wait for the summer to begin: we’re talking about mini skirts! They’re perfect (kind of) at every age and they’re awesome to wear in this moment of the year. Especially in this summer 2018, they are the best ally for our #OOTD. Denim, florals, ruffled… which mini skirts will spice up your summer looks?

At The Blonde Salad we’re crazy about mini skirts. How would our lives be without Mary Quant, that created them in the Fifties? Since then, mini skirts became an empowering and strenght symbol. And also nowadays, they’re a passepartout piece that must be in every women’s wardrobe, perfect for every time of the year and in every occasion!

We saw many many mini skirt outfits on Chiara and Valentina Ferragni‘s Instagram accounts. It’s impossible to count them all, but of course we remember every one of them: they’re so iconic! Chiara Ferragni loves mini skirts that have a strong attitude, like vynil effect or leather details, while Valentina is more into classy and posh attires, that she styles with her lively mood.

Do you want to know which is the mini skirt that every women’s closet should never ever miss? A denim mini skirt! It can be in the classic blue jeans colour or declined in all the coolest shades of the season: mini denim skirts will always keep their charme in the years, becoming the perfect piece to add some personality to our summer outfits. Want a TBS style match? Wear it with a white T-shirt, with a cool lettering or logo on it. A super fresh and young attire…that you can purchase on #shoptheblondesalad!

If denim mini skirts are perfect for our more casual outfits, total black or printed ones are just amazing on a more glamourous ensemble. Let’s take some style lessong from one of our fave Instagirls, Nicola Anne Peltz: it takes just a metal mesh top to create a dope sparkling look! What about Caro Daur Versace total look? Baroque print is also Chiara’s fave!

Printed mini skirts will be your MVPs, we’re pretty sure about it. Especially if you’ll style them in a matchy-matchy outfit, with a bandeau top or a bow detail shirt in the same print. Best prints ever? Florals and gingham, that will add some gipsy vibes to your ruffled skirts!

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