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How To Have Perky Boobs And Defy Gravity

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Whether you have petite boobs or boobs like Pam, all boobs are beautiful and you should embrace yours no matter what their shape or size. But regardless of their size, over time gravity takes its toll and our breasts begin to drop – this is totally normal (boob sagging is actually called breast ptosis). While perky boobs aren’t everything, supporting them properly is actually really important and can improve your overall health and lead to less back pain in the future. So here’re our top tips for looking after your boobs.

1. Perfect your posture

Bad posture can not only make your boobs look droopier, but it’s bad for your back, can cause headaches, and even digestive problems. If your boobs are bigger (32D or above), this actually puts more pressure on your spine, as there is more weight for it to support, which is what often leads to back and neck ache. The heavier your breasts the more likely you are to have rounded shoulders and a slightly hunched posture. Make an effort to remind yourself to pull your shoulders back, and lift your chest up. You can even set a reminder on your phone to make sure you continually do this over the course of a few weeks; this should help to create a habit and a new posture that corrects and supports your boobs, placing less pressure on your back.

correct posture for perkier boobs

Posture expert Dr. Mark Wade suggests doing exercises to correct and build strength in your back muscles. For spinal alignment, lay on your back with a small cushion in the middle of your back so that your back is arched. Raise your arms over your head and stay in this position for 5-10 minutes every day. It’s super easy to do at night, and as the position gets easier, you can increase the size of the pillow. Check out the American Posture Institute for more tips on correcting your posture.

2. Wear A Sports Bra

Wearing a sports bra for exercise is SO essential, even if you don’t have big boobs! Not wearing a sports bra can permanently damage your breast tissue, as well as lead to stretch marks and sagging. You also need to make sure you buy the right sports bra; look for one that has separate cups rather than a ‘uni-boob’ bra. Because breast tissue moves in a figure of eight when you run or do high-intensity exercise, having individual cups will stop your boobs from moving side to side, as well as up and down. Always wear a sports bra if you’re doing any kind of physical activity, even hiking or cycling!

3. Get Fitted Regularly

The majority of women actually wear the wrong size bra, 80% to be exact! A study by lingerie brand Triumph found that 70% of women wore a size too small while the other 10% wore bras too big. The thing is, our breasts are constantly changing due to hormonal changes and weight fluctuations, which means you should really be getting resized every couple of years or if your weight has changed. Getting a bra fitting is so easy, and it literally only takes a minute. Wearing a bra that’s the wrong size will mean your breasts aren’t properly supported, which can not only cause sagging, but a whole variety of aches and pains, from lower back pain (your bra is too big) to shoulder, neck, even stomach pains and headaches (if your bra is too tight).

It’s also important to note that from brand to brand you could be a different size, so if you can, try the bra before you buy it. Your size can also vary depending on the style; to avoid overspill in a padded bra, you may need to go up a size. Or, as Ashely Graham told the Twittersphere, to get the perfect cleavage in a strapless bra, you should go down a back size.

If your bra fits correctly, it should cup the breast, not flatten it, and there should be no overspill at the top of your bra. It should be snug around your back without cutting in, and it should sit horizontally. Also, try sitting down when you try your bra; it should continue to hug the breast and not gape open – if this does happen, you may need to go down a size or tighten your straps. When you first buy a bra it should fit comfortably on the loosest clasp; your bra will naturally stretch the more you wear it, so this is when you should start using the tighter clasps. If your straps are too tight, it can cause headaches and neck ache, which means you either need to loosen them, or it could mean your band size is too big and your straps are doing extra work, so you should go down a band-size.

4. Learn To Contour

Contouring is a big part of our lives, it’s probably our fav makeup trick ever! With clever shading and highlighting, you can manipulate pretty much any area of the body, and by using this contour technique, you’ll not only make your boobs look bigger, but they’ll also have a more lifted appearance.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about boobs without mentioning the importance of giving yourself an at-home check-up for any lumps or bumps. Check out everything you need to know about how to check yourself properly here – it really is SO essential, and it only takes a few minutes.

5. Try a boob pillow

Yes, we are being serious! There is such a thing as a boob pillow. It’s basically a small cylindrical soft pillow that you place in between your boobs if you’re a side sleeper. If you’re a size C or above, this will sit in between your boobs while you sleep and it will prevent the boob furthest from the bed from dropping, while also helping to prevent cleavage wrinkles! It sounds crazy, but it’s kinda genius. You can buy a boob support pillow on Amazon here for $40, or you can easily DIY your own in about 10 seconds. To DIY your own boob pillow, you just need two pairs of socks: start with the first pair, by reversing one sock over the other, so that they’re in a tube shape, then fold the other pair of socks in half and stuff them inside the tube for extra padding. Just place this between your boobs when you sleep on your side.

We hope you guys found this helpful, let us know if you have any other tips in the comments below.

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